RnR Network     


The Community Reconnect & Recovery Network aims to develop a regional network of peer support projects in the mid-west region, based on peer-led wellness training and recovery principles, for people who are experiencing mental health difficulties and those who are at risk of developing mental ill health.


  • To train a number of peer supporters using Wellness Recovery Action Planning (W R A P) and recovery principals
  • To establish a network of community based peer- support projects throughout the region in partnership with local mental health service users, the Mental Health Associations, affiliated to Mental Health Ireland, the Mental Health Services and Voluntary and Community Organizations
  • To establish links with service users leaving the mental health services and provide peer-led social supports to them based on reconnection and recovery
  • To provide peer-led educations sessions on WRAP and Recovery Principles for statutory, community and voluntary staff members to enhance psycho-social pathways to reconnection and recovery for everybody

Key Activities to be undertaken

  • Establish a steering group to develop and deliver all aspects of the project
  • Agree a peer-coordinator for each area and up-skill them in facilitation, training and delivery of the project
  • Develop training modules on Peer - Support, W.R.A.P. and Recovery Principals
  • Identify all qualified WRAP educators and Peer Support facilitators throughout the region and enlist their support
  • Deliver information sessions on the project to peers, key members of community, statutory and voluntary organizations in each area
  • Agree training schedule and coordinate sessions throughout the region
  • Coordinators to work on establishing three peer-support reconnection and recovery groups in each county
  • Organize a one/two day national conference to promote peer-led initiatives and promote reconnection and recovery throughout the country


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